Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Fun!

I had a suprise visit from my brothers last week! Jeremy (my twin!) is here visiting from Virginia and my two brothers Dennis and Jeff suprised us from Las Vegas! It was AMAZING! This is the first time that 10 out of 11 siblings have all been together! We had lots of fun, family BBQ (Carne Asada, Yum), Roller Skating, Visit to the State Capitol and we topped it off with 11 (free) A&W rootbeer floats!

It was such a blessing having the family out, we have never all been together at the same time! We are all happy campers! I love my Family!
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The Eccles said...

Yea, I saw Jeremy mowing your Dad's lawn, and washing the truck yesterday! I am so happy you have a great Family!